Talk to the Teacher by Meg Flanagan

Talk to the Teacher

The Complete Guide to Handling School Communication for Parents

Ever Felt Overwhelmed at School Meetings?

Me, too!
It's crazy that a teacher would feel nervous or less than confident talking to parents. But it's 100% true!
Until I found a great fix: scripting.

Why Scripts?

Using a script, even just a checklist of what you want to say, takes the guesswork out of meetings. You won't be searching for words or feel tongue tied. 
You'll remember all the important stuff. No more stopping at the door for "one more quick question."
Writing down your own scripts can be tough, especially when you're handling something that you might not be comfortable or familiar with. School and education deals with a lot of jargon and a ton of data. 
Cutting through the nonsense and getting to the heart of the matter takes knowledge and the right words.

Get the Right Words

Instead of using all your $1 words or hunting down "teacher talk" glossaries before your conference, wouldn't it be easier to just use something that's made for you?
That's exactly what Talk to the Teacher is all about!
Pre-made scripts, using education terms (don't worry, there's a glossary, too!), organized in ways that help the teacher say "YES!"


As a mom to a 1st, 5th, and 6th grader this year, I can say that this is a must read for any parent with children in school! I loved it! This book explores all types of school situations that can come up and how to communicate with the teacher and school staff when they do. As a mom of special needs children, I really appreciate the sections about what you should do when the school is not following the IEP and what to bring up at an IEP meeting. I know this book is going to be so helpful for us as we start a new school year!
Julie P.
This book has made such a difference when communicating with my girl's teachers!
Devon B.

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