IEP 101: How to Request Testing for Your Child by Meg Flanagan

IEP 101: How to Request Testing for Your Child

How to Request Special Education Testing for Your Child

You'd Like Answers

You know in your gut that something isn't going quite right at school.

But You're Not Sure What to Do First

Where do you need to turn first? The teacher? Straight to the principal? Special education?
There is no guidebook for how to handle your concerns about school as a parent. 

Learn the Exact Right Steps

Find peace of mind when you learn the exact warning signs to look for at school.
Feel more confident asking for help in the right way with a step-by-step plan.

You'll Learn

  1. What to look for at school and at home
  2. Actions the school might take on its own
  3. Steps you can take to speed up the process
  4. Exact words and documents to use to help your child ASAP

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