How to Help Your Child Succeed at School by Meg Flanagan

How to Help Your Child Succeed at School

Get Your Child Back on the Right Path at School

School Isn't Going Like It Should This Year

Grades, behavior, making friends, connecting with the teacher. Things are just not right at school.
And you're ready to kick those bad habits and missteps to the curb!
It's time for solutions that you can use, right now. Not some fancy education lingo about "standard scores" or "productive struggle."
Real, solid, common sense advice that makes sense and cuts through that noise.

Understand Teacher Talk

Be on the lookout for common education buzzwords with a handy glossary!
You'll understand exactly what the teacher means by "mastery" and "small group" learning. 
No more confusion or overwhelm!

You're Ready!

To fix poor grades.
To figure out "interesting" behavior.
To get back on track at school!

But where to start? 
There's a lot to do and a ton of jargon to learn before you can push through these roadblocks.

Set Goals to Succeed

Learn how to find goals that work for your family.
Maybe you need to build in more down time after school.
Perhaps it's time to hunt for a tutor.
No matter what the next steps are to help your child succeed, this goal planning and tracking sheet makes it easy-peasy!

What's Included:

Inside this course you'll learn:
  • Real-talk definitions of common education jargon
  • Easy, non-confrontational ways to approach your child's teacher with concerns
  • Simple swaps to make at home so that your child can find school success
  • Things to look out for at school to be sure your child will continue on the right path
Your Course Features:
  • 5 engaging videos covering real-parent concerns about getting kids back on a successful school path
  • Printable PDF guide and workbook with definitions and helper sheets
  • Resource guide (with regular updates!)

Know Exactly What to Say

No more searching for the right words.
You won't be nervous about saying the wrong thing either!
Instead, you'll be able to calmly and confidently ask for the help your child needs.
You'll get answers to help you guide your child back to the right path at school.

Bonus for Early Purchase!!!

Grab your copy of the
Ultimate Parent-Teacher Conference Planner!
My gift to you for joining before January 1!

Inside, you'll find:
  • Cheat sheet worksheet to drop all your child's major school stats
  • Conversation starters for grades
  • What to say about behaviors
  • Ideas to bring up when dealing with difficult topics
And more!

Make sure you're signed up by 12/31/2018 to grab your BONUS guide!

Simple School Solutions for Busy Parents

Learn how to take charge of your child's education with practical, proven problem solving techniques straight from the teacher's desk!


Who is this course for?

How to Help Your Child Succeed at School is for any parent who is looking for practical, easy-to-use ideas to make school easier.
So: every parent and every family with school aged kids!

What will I learn?

You'll learn:
  • How to approach the teacher with your concerns
  • Exact words and phrases to use during your meetings and via email
  • Simple to understand explanations of education buzzwords
  • How to set school success goals for home and school
  • What kinds of progress to look for and general timelines in which progress might be made
  • What to do next if there is no change/progress
  • Resources to use at home to promote academic success

What if this doesn't work for me?

Every family, student, and situation is different. The examples I'm using and strategies I'm sharing are general.
In general, if you do X, Y, and Z, you should see progress. In general if you see, ABC happening, you should do 123.
However, not every strategy or idea is a great fit for every family. Use what works for you and tweak things to match your needs!