Busy Parent's Guide to Stress-Free Homework by Meg Flanagan

Busy Parent's Guide to Stress-Free Homework

Make Homework Simpler

Homework Battles Need to End ASAP!

You're tired of fighting with your child endlessly. Done. 100%
It seems like no matter what you try or what incentives you offer, nothing changes. 

You're Ready to Find Help

It needs to be simple.
Done for you.
And based on actual learning best practices.

The Busy Parent's Guide to Stress-Free Homework

Based on a decade in the classroom and working as a tutor, this is the ultimate resource to help busy families (like yours!) find less stress and more success with homework!

Get Ready to Feel Better About Homework!

You'll discover easy-to-use solutions for your common homework struggles:
  • lack of focus
  • too much energy
  • not understanding
  • frustration
  • tears
  • anger


What will I learn?

You'll learn easy-to-do tricks and tips that make homework less stressful and more successful for your family!

Who is this ebook for?

This ebook is for any parent that would like to make homework time less stressful.
You're looking for tips, tricks, and systems that you can use in your home starting today. You want advice from an education professional, and fellow parent, who understands the crazy lives of modern families.
You're ready to change how to handle homework, find some sanity, and become less stressed!

What's included?

Inside, you'll find:
  • 6 homework stress busters to try first
  • easy cut & go snack choice cards
  • simple brain break ideas
  • master schedule template
  • email templates to use when things are rough
  • homework resource guide
  • next steps to take to help your child

Simple School Solutions for Busy Parents

Learn how to take charge of your child's education with practical, proven problem solving techniques straight from the teacher's desk!